Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jessica & Heather at Screamvention in Dublin!

For all of our Irish fans & friends - come meet us and hang out Feb 27th & 28th at Screamvention in Dublin, Ireland! Besides Jessica Cameron & Heather Dorff, other celebrity guests include Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Simon Bamford, Alex Vincent, Ari Lehman, and more! Learn more about the horror con here:
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Coming soon!

We are still very much under construction, so hang tight! While we get all the videos ready, site up, and all that good stuff, please enjoy this trailer of Truth or Dare! 😉

The Tour

Check out the trailer for this awesome paranormal horror flick from Damon Rickard & Alex Matheison. The girls got to shoot this on location in London, England! A great little short film that they are hoping will be made into a feature length film someday.