jessica cameron and heather dorff truth or dareWe do this for our fans and because we love it. Like any indie project, it can only survive with your help! We are using Patreon and are offering awesome perks to fans who subscribe.

Monthly Perks include (depending on subscription level):

  • Chance to win frequent giveaway prizes!
  • Access to our private Patreon feed which gives you exclusive access to episodes before they are released publicly as well as private updates, behind the scenes, and more!
  • Shout outs in our episodes and ending credits.
  • Signed postcards mailed to fans every month!
  • Group 30 min live stream with us.
  • Get questions you want answered!
  • Help us pick ideas for our next episode!
  • Signed 8 X 10 head shots sent to fans the first of every month.
  • Private live stream / q & a acess!
  • And more!

Why Patreon

Patreon allows us a unique opportunity to produce weekly content to our subscribers that we can continue on beyond just one project or indiegogo campaign. Instead of one lump sum donation that may cover a handful of episodes, Patreon allows you to subscribe for your preferred amount monthly that will help us continue along the project, indefinitely, while also giving you exclusive and continuous perks.

Why You Should Pledge

Producing a weekly vlog / webseries takes time, equipment, and a team of people and resources continuously shooting and editing. As indie artists, every little bit helps and as our subscribers rise so will the quality of our content. Being able to afford things like professional editing, better sound and camera equipment or management, lights, and more will only help us serve you better. It will also give us the opportunity to have more adventures and attend more events - like film premieres, festivals, conventions, and road trips which will also help us produce even more interesting, awesome, and fun videos and content for your viewing pleasure. Also, maintaining a wardrobe of low cut shirts and a #DrunkDorff requires a budget, of course.

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